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Felicity Ausden

  • Ah.  Thank you.  I seem to have missed those magazine tick boxes.  Will they now show up in Google?  Most people wouldn’t think of searching for Ilmington so the only way I am going to be seen is for people either to search for a more well known nearby town or to happen upon my listing having found a post on google.

  • Hello Alan,  I created them all in the Soup, writer’s portal.  They are ‘Driving in the North Cotswolds’,  ‘Me and my camera in the North Cotswolds’ and ‘Children’s activities in the North Cotswolds, particularly on rainy days’.  I believed I classified them all under ‘travel tips’.  I can see them on the right hand side of the place I crea…[Read more]

  • Felicity Ausden changed their profile picture 7 months ago

  • I can’t see how anybody can see my three posts/guides which fall into the category Travel Tips.  They are in neither what’s on, nor what to do although I could have classified one of them in the latter category.  However when I click on Travel Tips at the top of the page nothing happens but a vicious circle.  The only one which works in the dr…[Read more]

  • And a PS for those who are trying to upload a slide show.  We have to make the system think it is a video so my way, on a Mac was to export it to i-movie. The downside of this was that I could only have very low definition photos as the file size upload to VS is limited.  Fewer photos might have been better.

  • Francis – Thank you I am so technologically terrified that I never moved from iphoto to whatever apple wanted me to do as I didn’t want to have to start all over again with over 17,000 photos to maybe end ‘up the creek’.  My slideshow is in iphoto.  I have no clue how to manage powerpoint or keynote I am afraid. But perhaps I can upload it into Y…[Read more]

  • I understand how to put photos and video in a post but what about a ready made slide show, using the Waiter plug in?  I have a slide show (with music) on my Mac which won’t drag and drop or upload into a post.  Is this possible, please?


  • In answer to Jenny, I have only written one post/guide so far and I put my cottage name at the top of my lead photograph.  I intend to do that for all posts.  It could be a discrete email address I suppose but I don’t see anything wrong with dropping your gite name into the text.



  • Felicity posted an update in the group Say Hello 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hello, my name is Felicity Ausden and I run a holiday cottage, since 2005, (but we also did this in the eighties pre-internet) in a small village in the beautiful North Cotswolds, near Chipping Campden and also occasionally let our own holiday home – an apartment in Dublin (10 – 12 times a year). Somewhat ridiculously, I fly over to Dublin every…[Read more]

    • Welcome Felicity, thanks for sharing your story (love the flying to Dublin in order to prepare for guests, that’s dedication).