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  • I really want to start the new SEO training, but can’t open anything, just keeps reloading the opening page. What do I need to do?


  • Thanks for the new Branding Sessions. Good info to get me on the right track.

    I have finished the “basics” – is there more? where do I find them?

    Thanks again for all of your teaching and encouraging!


  • Thanks for these updates. Gutenberg looks pretty straightforward. Will these blocks replace widgets? Will our classic editor change over to Gutenberg automatically?
    Will we be able to format our text just the way we want it? I still have a couple of widgets of photo and text on my home page (Old course) that will NOT layout the way I want it…..…[Read more]

  • Hi Francis, I totally understand and am also frustrated by Facebook’s lack of organizing and searching. But I love the idea of seeing forum contents posts there. But knowing I can come here, search and perhaps get a little deeper on a subject now that I know it has been brought up.


  • I’m with you Jenny! But it is just a fluke that I ran across your post… I think that is exactly what you are saying. As much as I don’t love Facebook, it was, well, in my face.

    I only log into VS when I have a problem.

  • Is there a word count feature in our Soup plug-in? I like the warning that we are under 100 words, but would like to be able to track that.

  • Hi Alan, I do both ABB and VRBO



    Cheers, Sherene

  • Hi Francis, Logged out of Chrome and back in. Same problem, Nothing happens when I click green “Take course” button. Click on module one, nothing click on other modules, it tells me to go back to previous module. It also lets me open/download the PDF’s for the outlines.

    But – I logged in with Safari, and it’s all there!

    I’ll simply use that…[Read more]

  • Hi Francis, I have been out of commission for a while, but back now and would like to access the Wow Factor course. All I get is a link to Pay Pal. I have logged in, tried clicking everything on the page. Is there something else I missed?
    (I did get the email that says “<span class=”s1”>you should all be automatically enrolled and it will be on…[Read more]

  • Thanks Francis. I understand the complexity in dealing with global locales. Just hoping there is someway to have a geographic area defined at first glance. I know as an owner (and promoter of other local events etc.) we get wrapped up in our own thing and simply forget to think “outside” our box. Trying to remember to add it to every post is not…[Read more]

  • Maybe there could be a small constant/static/evergreen (not sure of the terminology) header at the top of every post with City, Area, State, Country. Just something seen at first glance, then the exciting travel post.

    I just keep thinking I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know where I want to go, on exactly what dates. But I do usually have a…[Read more]

  • I thought part of beauty of VS was to attract all kinds of visitors in the planning stage of a vacation. “Where do we want to go?!!”    That’s how I have wanted to browse the site. But very frustrating to see something cool, would like to go there, but all it tells me is “XYZ Bay”, “XYZ town”, “XYZ island”. I just move on and don’t even look it u…[Read more]

  • Hi Katherine, I just got a chance to scroll through your new site. Well done! It really looks beautiful.


  • I know this was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but as a traveler (and even as and owner) I am so very frustrated with so many of Vacation Soup’s exciting blog posts! Don’t make me leave the page, go to google, just to find out where you are! I don’t know Marco Island, Anna Maria island (not sure why, but I assumed New England for a long…[Read more]

  • Starting a new web page for a friend using the new template. Have been looking all over but can’t a way to turn the site off. Did I miss that in the videos? Need to make it “not live” while we are working on it…. I’m sure there is an easy answer, just haven’t found it.
    TIA, Sherene

  • Yes Shannon! I was just getting on the forum to post the same thing! Thinking that there may need to be a change in the way you put your profile info in as well. It has you do neighborhoods, but not state? Or the state just doesn’t show up

    Here is a recent post – NO IDEA where this is…. well, in the USA….

    I’m doing the same as you, skim…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the note Laurie. I am a novice at all this, so just wondering the procedure for this…
    – For photos already in use on the website or in blogs, Do you have to remove each photo in the website, optimize and then load it back on.
    – For new photos it looks like you just drag it in ImageOptim. no need to make a new file or put it…[Read more]

  • Francis, Is there a work around for videos? I would love to have the video “clickable” from the get go. not have to put in a featured photo, click on that, and then see there is a video to open. I know Alan has been encouraging videos in the blogs, but how do travelers know there is video there to see?
    Thanks, Sherene

  • Hi Mary, I have now been able to use personal photos by editing the blog in the “Posts” page of wordpress. If my photo does not show up in the right side column VS plugin “Your Recent Posts”, or replace the “Thought of the day” spot with my photo – go to “Posts” in wordpress, edit your post, then go to the far right bottom corner to “Featured…[Read more]

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