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  • susant posted a new activity comment 7 months ago

    Just to let you know I let Siteground upgrade my site to the last WordPress version and it looks fine. They automatically add the classic editor plugin.

  • susant posted a new activity comment 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hi, always a worry updating things but I have updated the Accelerate theme a few days ago (using the child theme too) and it didn’t cause any problems.

    I’m more worried about updating WordPress to the new version. I haven’t done that yet. I’m wondering if anyone else has (with the old Accelerate version of the website) and can report back?


    • To be on the safe side I installed the plugin classic editor. And I deleted automatic updates. I plan to wait 2 months and then update to the new WordPress. I was told, that this gives all other plugin providers enough time to fix any problems that their plugins might have with the new WordPress.

      • Just to let you know I let Siteground upgrade my site to the last WordPress version and it looks fine. They automatically add the classic editor plugin.

  • susant posted a new activity comment 1 year ago

    I think it’s custom CSS to alter the TG Call to Action widget. Looking at Themegrill’s forum the following may help:

    In the Custom CSS Box in the Customize-> Design:

    .call-to-action-content-wrapper {
    padding-bottom: 30px;
    padding-top: 30px;

    to change the space above and below (try different numbers).

    I also found (and I haven’t tried…[Read more]

  • Funnily enough I don’t think I did last time.  I got an email saying it had been updated but I wondered if I’d missed the mail saying it would be. I’ve definitely had mails before with a warning that an update would happen in the next 24 hours.  Could it depend on whether they classify the release as a major one or minor one? Looking at the a…[Read more]

  • I don’t use a plugin to do updates automatically. I do plugins manually  and Siteground updates WordPress for me. They send me a mail saying that they are going to do in in the next 12 hours, and then a mail when it has been done. They also back up the site just before they do it.  It’s WordPress Auto Update Manager in Cpanel.


  • susant posted a new activity comment 1 year, 1 month ago

    There was stuff in the “old course” forum about this. If you wan to turn Speed Booster Pack back on then make sure you have the latest level, reactivate it but uncheck the ‘scripts to footer option’ (in settings).

  • susant posted a new activity comment 1 year, 2 months ago

    The only way I take bookings is through my website (no OTAs) and I’m happy with the impression they get from it, both of my cottage and my area. Getting people to visit the website is always going to be the most difficult thing. Looking at Google analytics most of my website visits come from referral (80 in the last week). In particular there is a…[Read more]

  • I’ve just been sidetracked looking at your lovely villa! You do seem to have the same mobile menu problem as Peter.  Plus you don’t have galleries or testimonials working. Oh dear, just looked at Peter’s website and they aren’t working there too although strangely I did see a testimonial first click and then it was gone when I clicked back. :…[Read more]

  • Yes, FTB’s a good solution if you want to take online booking (with no subscription costs).  Alan’s suggestion is just a calendar plugin that supports ical, so a simpler option for people who just want to replace their broken calendar with one that works.


  • Sorry Peter I don’t know much about caching. I disabled my plugin as I didn’t like it when changes I made didn’t appear as the old pre-change version was cached. It was just a thought. If your caching plugin is active I expect you can go into it from the dashboard and clear cache.

  • Odd but useful information.  Something must have changed for it to stop working!  But yes, if you haven’t updated any plugins then the plugin troubleshooting I mentioned above would be a fruitless experience I expect.

    Frankly, Alan’s suggestion to move to a different calendar plugin sounds simplest.


  • If you want to try and troubleshoot plugin incompatibility you only need to look at the plugins which you have updated with new versions since the time you know your calendar was last working. I know it’s not easy to remember which you have updated recently but you can look at the plugin details to see the date of the last update.  Many will be…[Read more]

  • It can happen when you update a plugin.  Something in the update accidentally breaks something else.

    Alan suggested which looks identical to the plugin those of us who did his old course use, called WP Simple Booking Calendar.  You’ll need to buy it, install it, activate it then configure a calendar in it wit…[Read more]

  • Hi Peter,

    I just tried your website on my mobile (iPhone SE) and the mobile menu doesn’t work. Then it does intermittently if you go to one of your other pages.  Similarly it doesn’t work if you look at your site on a laptop with narrowed browser. Thought maybe I had the same problem with my site (I don’t usually look at it on a mobile) but no,…[Read more]

  • It’s a long shot but lots of us with the old website build started having javascript errors recently which caused lots of problems.  It was down to the plugin Speed Booster Pack.  Now I don’t know if you even have it in the new website but, if you do, I suggest you deactivate it and see if you calendar reappears.  If that plugin is not the cu…[Read more]

  • I never noticed a mobile menu problem, just a slider one.  Doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening though.  I see you have moved on to the older post “mobile menu / guestbook errors” so let’s stick with that one from now on.

  • There does seem to be an issue with menus reported on the theme forum here ->

    So maybe you are seeing that Peter (and the rest of us just haven’t noticed it)?

  • Ah, several of us had problems with that plugin the other week (though not the testimonials). Updating Speed Booster Pack to the latest level (they released a fix) and unchecking the ‘scripts to footer option’ (settings) seemed to solve the issues we were seeing so perhaps it will sort out this one too?

  • Have you made sure that you have the shortcode for the testimonials on your “Our Guests” page?  This is probably [testimonial_view id=1] but you can check this by looking at the Views section under Testimonials when you are in the dashboard.

  • Hi,

    I paid up.  It’s for hosting for the next 2 years so I didn’t think it was bad and Siteground have been good when I’ve needed help.

    Best wishes,


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