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  • wishing4wind posted an update 1 year ago

    Apparently Elementor does’t bring in the alt text for images and it kills your seo. Can anyone tell me how to add the alt-text after the image is added? I suspect you have to pay for the premium to get it to work properly.

    • You can go to the wordpress editor and add it, but if you are using Elementor, the changes you make in WordPress aren’t saved. The SEO analysis is still saying my images have no alt text 🙁

      • I didn’t know that. Have you asked in the Elementor FB group?

        • I would imagine that if the images have alt text in the media library that would be carried over into the page. What seo analysis are you referring to?

          • I add alt text and then add an image, and the Yoast SEO widget is telling me tha that the image doesn’t have alt text. It’s also not in the source code, but I tested it again and sometime it is. I guess you just have to check each time. I also found this

            • Yoast has trouble with page builders (like Elementor). Here’s what Yoast told me – our plugin isn’t able to detect all your text blocks and shows an incorrect analysis report, this doesn’t mean that search engines won’t be able to parse them. Our content analysis is just to validate the content of your website and doesn’t really affect how search engines crawl and index your site.