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  • wishing4wind posted an update 1 year ago

    Any update on this issue? “I installed the waiter and the blog posts lists the author as by vacation soup user name and not the author name I specified. I need to be able to specify the author name, how can I change this. Also, it was not published on vacation soup’s blog”

    • Who are you logged in as? When in the dashboard (top right of the screen).

    • The Waiter creates posts, and shares them with the Soup, but does not display them. The displaying on your site is done by your theme.

      This means that the Author’s name, as displayed on your posts, is taken from Admin->Users->Your Profile.

      Could you please check that is set correctly?

      • I think there is a problem with the template. The author’s name on the post is not taken from my profile name. It is taking the username. This is a big problem for me. Is the only option I have to rebuild the website without the template?
        By the way, my user profile had a nickname of “alan” you really should not have so much of your personal information in the template.

    • I confirm that you have no posts synchronised with The Soup on this account (Wishing4Wind). Can you please check the Connect tab in the plugin, and that all the ticks are green? If they are all green then I may need access to your site to see why it is not sending the posts.

      • there were two that weren’t checked green, but I clicked on them and the connection is now green. Will the post go to over to vacation soup or do I have to do something to initiate that?

        • I figured out how to change the name in WordPress, so I’m all set with that. I also deleted the waiter and won’t be syndicating my posts to VS, but I appreciate the opportunity to explore that option.