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My Favorite iPhone Apps [2017]

Take a look at your phone right now. There is a good chance that there’s one thing that is taking up more memory on your phone than anything else – apps. Who can blame you? With over two million apps to choose from, and more being added daily, there is an app for virtually every aspect of your life. But as a business owner, are you fully leveraging your apps to help to improve your business strategy?


From photo editing to healthy eating, apps have become a life saver in helping me manage all the parts of my business. Here are the seven apps that I absolutely can’t live without.


#1 Photoshop Fix


Photo shoots are your opportunity for #InstaAmazing shots and to plan ahead for posts that will help build your brand. But as a busy business owner, sometimes you need to capture professional-quality photos on the fly. That’s when I turn to Photoshop Fix. This easy-to-use app provides me with the photoshop tools I need – even when I’m away from my computer.


Whether I’m adding a splash of purple with the paint tool or touching up a portrait, this app provides a myriad of tools to make sure I have the perfect Instagram shot every time. With the inclusion of helpful how-to videos right in the app, even beginners can quickly feel like photography pros.


#2 Spark Post


One glance at my Instagram account and you know I love text overlays. This text style is the perfect way to pump up your Instagram and create more engaging out-of-the-ordinary content. But how do I add it to my Instagram? It’s all thanks to Spark Post. Over the years, I’ve continued to find that Spark Post’s tools and graphics are a must-have for my Instagram content strategy.


The best part is that this handy app takes the guess work out of matching your text graphics to your image. Just upload the image and Spark Post automatically adds a color palate based on your photo – no more branding headaches. I also save a #ShitTon of time since I can adjust the text directly on the image.


If you’re feeling an extra burst of creativity, be sure to try Spark Post’s animation option. As if this app couldn’t be any better, there’s also a graphics tool for Instagram Stories too! If you’re interested in adding text overlays to your Instagram content, you have to try Spark Post.


#3 Planoly


Frequent readers of this blog probably already know that I am a huge fan of Planoly. When I’m traveling around the globe speaking and teaching, Planoly is the tool that my team and I rely on to make sure that we’re continuing to regularly update our various Instagram business accounts.


If you’ve ever struggled to create cohesive Instagram content, look no further. With the option to upload all of your saved images directly into the app, you’re able to get a mockup of exactly how your content feed will look. You can also drag photos to strategize the order of the photos you want to share – perfect for bigger sales and special offer campaigns.


If you feel like you’re always forgetting to schedule Instagram Stories, brace yourself for Planoly’s newest update. In addition to the regular content scheduling, Planoly’s tools now allow you to curate and schedule Instagram Stories! No excuses, Planoly gives you all the tools you need to plan your Instagram strategy from start to finish.


#4 Blue Apron


Running your business at your best requires taking to time to nourish all parts of your life. As a health-conscious foodie, I was always looking for an easy way to plan healthier meals. That’s when I found Blue Apron. This subscription-based delivery service provides delicious meals right to your doorstep. Blue Apron is a picky eater’s dream come true! Feel free to get specific about your dietary preferences; Blue Apron will find a meal that works for you.


Meal planning might not be the first kind of app you consider when strategizing how to improve your business. But I am a big believer in the importance of prioritizing self-care. Taking an opportunity to recharge ensures that you will bring your best self to all aspects of your business. If you are struggling with meal planning or just tired of your go-to recipes, you need to download Blue Apron.


#5 Hype Machine


Let’s get real! Deadlines, leads, and Instagram content strategy can sometimes leave you feeling low on creative energy. Whenever I need an extra boost of motivation, I always tap into Hype Machine. This app is the best place to enjoy your favorite artists, while also discovering tons of new songs that you’re sure to love.


Plus, you can keep the music going by connecting with your friends via Hype Machine. Synch up and share so you can create the perfect work-time playlist. Whatever day you’re having; Hype Machine has a song for it.


#6 Zoom


With the pressures of running a virtual business, my team and I rely heavily on our regular team meetings. But we take these meetings one step further with the of Zoom. This video and web conferencing tool gives us an array of options – from planning to meetings to kicking off webinars. Even when we’re on the go at a conference, we can quickly schedule a meeting directly in the app.


Even better, Zoom offers you an option of recording the call – perfect for replaying important webinars and sales calls! Make sure you can build the collaboration your team needs to succeed with the help of Zoom.


#7 Keynote


It’s inevitable. You’re ready to speak at an important conference or in front of your peers, and then a technology issue strikes. Traveling around the world to speak, I feel much more confident now that I use Keynote. This app makes it easy for me and my team to collaborate on beautiful presentations, all at the same time.


As an added life saver, I can also add in your speaker’s notes right in the app. No matter what technological issues should arise, I have the security of knowing that my presentation can continue to go without a hitch.



Still not sure how these apps can help you on Instagram?


Apps might seem like a dime a dozen, but the right ones can truly lessen a lot of the workload you need to make your business succeed on Instagram. Take time to research and understand which apps will work with your business strategy. Then, make sure you invest the time to understand how you can leverage it for your business.


If you’re still struggling to get your Instagram business account off the ground, be sure to download my free Instagram Strategy Guide.

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