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Top 2017 Black Friday Deals for Airbnb Hosts

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Airbnb Black Friday Deals


There’s no better time to stock up your Airbnb listing than Black Friday weekend!  Here are the top deals we’ve found to upgrade your listing or improve your hosting.

If you’re not sure what your listing needs, check out our list of recommended Airbnb essentials.

Amazon TV & Roku Streaming Sticks

At up to 40% off, the Amazon TV and Roku Streaming Black Friday deals are priced at their lowest this year.  If you don’t have a smart TV with access to Netflix, this is the time to add this easy must-have upgrade.


Locks for Remote Check-Ins/Check-Outs

One the best investments you could make as a host is to free yourself from having to do physical check-ins.  It saves you hours every week and easily allows for late arrivals and early checkouts.  Take the stress away for both you and your guests by upgrading to one of these locks.

Smart Locks

Keypad Locks & Lock Box

If you’re not quite ready to go with the latest smart locks, opt for reliable keypad locks below.  Up to 40% OFF for Black Friday.

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Noise Aware

The single best, prevention and last line of defense against guest partying and noise disturbance.  The company is giving a 20% off the sensor for Black Friday.


Airbnb Automation – Your Porter App

Yes, you can automate messaging potential guests.  Actually, you could do quite a bit more.  The creators of one of the best automation services, Your Porter App, is offering a sweet Black Friday offer just for LearnAirbnb readers.

Use the code LearnAirbnbBF to get $20 Off your first month!  But regardless, get a free Airbnb’s search ranking report for your listing.

Best TV Deals

You don’t need anything fancy but you should at least have a decent wide screen TV.  At least one 40″ TV hooked up to a Roku or Amazon TV stick.

Best Mattress Deals

If your guests aren’t raving about how comfortable their sleep is, it’s time to consider a modest investment to improving your guests sleep experience.  These highly rated mattresses are selling for as much as $125 OFF for Black Friday!


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