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What can we learn from “The Best Ad Of All Time”

That is quite a claim, the best advert ever? I am referring to a survey in the UK in 2016 (and every survey since). Those of us who are marketing and advertising our own Vacation Rental sites can learn some really vital lessons from it.

Some of you have not seen this, and anyone that has will still play it because it is so very, very good., so turn the sound right up and see you in 90 seconds (or longer, I may have watched it twice).

Definitively brilliant! You have a smile on your face. You feel awesome.

“A brand needs to go to the heart and not to the brain. Gorilla is – in those 90 seconds – trying to take you somewhere.”
Juan Cabral, ad director

When Argentinian Juan Cabral came up with the idea 11 years ago he was on set during a rain break on another commercial. The next day he wrote the whole script (camera angles etc), It took one day to film and two to edit, almost unbelievably quick. This is the film equivalent of taking a 10 minute coffee break to write a post (do you see where I am going yet?).

The concept had nothing to do with chocolate, his agency was then approached by Cadbury’s, the UK’s largest chocolate brand, with a brief summarised as “We have become too corporate, too earnest & serious” (any parallels come to mind?).

It was one of the earliest viral videos, most of us had not even heard of facebook in 2007. Apart from the creative brilliance in the idea, the attention to detail delivered in such a tiny time-frame is part of its allure, such as the gold tooth you (just) see when the gorilla grimaces at the camera for getting too close.

But did it work? A resounding Yes, Cadbury’s reported an increase in sales of 9% that year. That may not sound enormous to you, so let me repeat it: The largest chocolate brand in the UK (by far) increased sales by 9%, attributed to an advert that did not feature the product.

So next time you go to make a cuppa, give 10 minutes of focussed, detailed attention, and see if you can’t write an article that will put a smile on the reader’s face, tease their emotions, and leave them happier for reading it.

Just don’t write about the product.

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    I hadn’t seen that before. A branding masterclass for all of us.

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